Wednesday 4th March 2015
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Eurovestech PLC floated on AIM in March 2000. The company raised a 9.9m fund at 5p per share inclusive of Richard Bernstein's personal investment of 2m on the same terms as institutional shareholders. Between 2003 and 2008, the company raised a further 11.7 million. Our cautious approach has steered us successfully through the pitfalls of an over-inflated market. Value has been realised from some investments with exceptional returns achieved, and we are well placed to deal with current and impending conditions.

The Company returned 10m to shareholders via the Return of Cash scheme augmented in March 2010. Following the successful completion of the Toluna scheme of arrangement in April 2011, the Company received 25m proceeds and returned 13m of these proceeds to shareholders, bringing total returns to shareholders of 23m, greater than the total monies raised by the Company.

In September 2012, and following a partial disposal of KSS Fuels, the Company cancelled its admission to AIM and returned a further £4.4m to shareholders, bringing total cash returned to shareholders of 7.5p per share.

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